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“I met James Walch in 2008 and he has been an important part of my healing process, battling depression along with very tired and overstressed muscles. He has helped me to become pain free in my shoulders and my back. He is a great listener. Be specific and tell him what you are looking for and he will definitely help! I am now living a stress free life thanks to James at Stress Release Massage!”

Kristine Stienessen

“As an RN working in the Operating Room, my profession can be both physically and emotionally challenging. The massage I receive from James Walch is a tremendous blessing and relieves the tension from my job and gives me relief and relaxation. Thanks to his professional expertise, I leave his office feeling energized and refreshed!”

Barbara Mathison, Registered Nurse

I was going through a stress-filled time at home, had three teenagers, and was in training for a triathlon. Everything in me was tight! And then I was introduced to James Walch, with his marvelous ability to melt tight muscles! His willingness to listen to both my words and my body, his totally professional approach and his unending kindness brought me back into alignment that first time, and many times since.

Judy Pigott, Author, Seattle Washington

One day this past year I awoke with persistent shoulder pain and significant loss of strength in my dominant shoulder. My doctor prescribed medication and eventually an MRI.  Results from the MRI did not show any problems and the medication did not improve my discomfort.  Then I consulted with James Walch who did resistance tests on my arm and shoulder; afterwards he recommended a combination of strength training and targeted massage. I continued with massage and strength training over a number of weeks until the injury faded to complete recovery. I attribute my entire recovery to the advice, exercises and targeted massage therapy of James Walch of Stress Release.

Dallas Kreutter, IT Software Quality Consultant, Minneapolis MN

I suffered a shoulder injury several years ago which never seemed to heal despite Physical Therapy, drugs, etc. On my first appointment, Jim identified the injury and went right to work. Now after 11 years of shoulder and back pain, I have finally returned to full health and I have Jim to thank.  Jim has a whole-body approach to massage and wellness, listens with incredible intent, builds wonderful rapport and provides a safe, healthy environment.

Cindy Macrafic

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